Perhaps you want to change the world, or simply want to grow.

Becoming a student once again is just the first step. That is why this platform gives you an up-to-date overview of the 14 public universities in the Netherlands that offer courses in the field of Lifelong Development. It’s a wide-ranging and varied selection of training courses for everyone who is looking to learn more. You may need prior education for some courses or modules; for others it is not necessary. And the range of courses on offer changes all the time, so check every now and again to see if there is something new or suitable for you.

Lifelong development

Universities are noticing that the demand from highly educated professionals for education and training is on the rise. Professions change and careers are becoming more and more flexible and fluid. That calls for a broadening, deepening and updating of knowledge. But it also presents an opportunity for reflection and inspiration, because the demand for new knowledge and skills to solve major social issues like climate and energy transition is growing. Studying doesn’t stop when you graduate. Continuous development is important on a personal level, but also for society as a whole. Sustainable employability and motivation of an ageing working population is important for all of us in the Netherlands. But also so that we can ensure we have a competitive economy, active social participation and democratic citizenship. As universities, we believe it is our duty to make this possible. That is why universities are continuously developing a varied, sustainable and flexible range of courses, designed especially for professionals, based on our universities’ latest academic insights. And in line with the current demands from professionals and the organisations in which they work. There is intensive collaboration in the field of lifelong development. For instance, the Netherlands Association of Senior Secondary Vocational Schools and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, both of which are umbrella organisations, issued an advisory report last year in which they jointly called for one week of study entitlements per year for every Dutch national. In addition, we are working together with universities of applied sciences, secondary vocational colleges, the Dutch Council for Training and Education and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on a broad training portal so that we can meet this growing demand in our society. Through, we can make our academic education accessible to everyone who wants to carry on developing throughout their lives.